Thursday, May 3, 2007

No Conflict of Interest Here, Nothing to See, No Siree Bob

As I mentioned before, I'm on the Worldview Weekend mailing list. Well, a few days ago I got an email referring me to this article by Rebecca Hagelin, hyping up a new magazine called Salvo, and denigrating pornography. Same old, same old for these asshats, but I endeavored to write up a post eviscerating the nonsensical claims anyway.

But I kinda petered out halfway through. I've seen the same old "porn hurts families, people get addicted to nekkid pictures, female nipple tissue is a magical thing that will corrupt anyone who sees it" so many times that I could probably write a response to that kind of screed in my sleep. (Although the magazine article referenced was pretty slick.)

So I started looking for another angle, and clicked on the responses to Hagelin's article. And guess what? The author, who wrote the following:
After reading the second issue of Salvo, I’m happy to report that the first issue was just the beginning of a media revolution. The editors and writers continue to challenge the liberal orthodoxy that infects our modern culture, dissecting the “conventional wisdom” with a wit and a wisdom that’s rare in the public square.

The editors take a clear-eyed look at a culture awash in sex, where the popular media encourages our youth to wallow in everything from the mire of pornography addiction to “gender ambiguity” (the très chic notion that one can be both male and female).

Salvo is so jam-packed with information, much of it in eye-catching, bite-sized chunks (not unlike the Internet), that it would be impossible for me to cover everything in this latest issue. So let me spotlight a couple of features that, for me, exemplify the reason Salvo really stands out and accomplishes things that few other publications do. actually on the fucking editorial board of the fucking magazine. You can check it: go here and click on "masthead." (Sorry no direct link, but the queefstains who run the site do everything in Flash, making it impossible to actually, y'know, use the goddamned site like a regular webpage.) Hagelin's name is right there, smack in the middle of the Advisory Board.

Apparently, Hagelin's been all over the conservative portions of the web, hyping this great new magazine with nary a mention of her own involvement. Wonder how much money she's made off of this little ethical lapse?

I'd much rather hang out with an honest porn star than such a sack of peanut-filled shit, anyway. I'll be over here watching Xtube (NSFW) videos and checking out Sophie Howard's (again, NSFW) many pictorials in Loaded if anyone needs me.

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